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With more than 190 languages on board and 800 professional translators globally, we can translate any document, website, software and project from and to any language.
We can provide you with an interpreter on site or if you prefer via video call. Consecutive, Simultaneous, On-site, Telephone and remote, Video call interpreter.
Transcription, Subtitling, Narration / Voice-over / Dubbing, Audio / Video post production, Script translation, Graphics adaptation
Our editors are experts in various fields. Our hand-picked team underwent a rigorous selection process and is supported by the latest technologies.
Software / Website localization/ Mobile apps / Game localization/ eLearning and training materials/ Marketing materials localization/ Social media localization
Take your brand to a whole new level - Whether your focus is on the worldwide market or a target ethnic group, our team will partner with you to maximise the effectiveness of your international marketing campaign.