Government Document and Public Sector Translation by Interlingual

Experienced in public sector translation, Interlingual specialists provide government document translation services. We can also assist with public speaking translation.

Government Translation: Language Solutions for Federal and State Governments

Public sector translation and interpreting cover the needs of all levels of government and state-controlled organisations – educational, cultural, military and other government institutions.


Australian government bodies frequently source public sector translation for vital national information and cannot afford to compromise the quality and accessibility of this information.


Interlingual is ready for delivering various public translation services, interpreting solutions, and localization projects in 190+ languages. Whether you need to translate a brochure for local ethnic communities or require assistance in a large international project, we’ll cope with all tasks. And our professional team can assure you of keeping secure all confidential and culturally sensitive data.

Qualified And Accredited Government Document Translation Services

The translation for state government departments or establishments requires the fulfilment of obligatory procedures. For public sector translation, NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd) is the standard authority for translations officially recognised all over Australia. Interlingual employs professional translators with NAATI accreditation for government translation services. Our NAATI translators are also supposed to have a wealth of experience with government terminology and cultural issues.


Any NAATI accredited government translation carries an official stamp with a Practitioner ID and the translator’s signature. The certified government document translation services are required for all official government and court matters.

Secure and Culturally Appropriate Public Sector Translation

Interlingual’s team of accredited experts with essential experience in governmental posts will guarantee accurate and secure high-standard translation services. Our translators demonstrate specific cross-cultural competence in dealing with diplomatic issues. With localization services, vital public information will reach the target audience fully without any misunderstanding – nothing will be lost in translation.