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We can help you with your NAATI-accredited Translation into English or vice versa.
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Over 12 years and with 190+ languages on board, we are the #1 Translation provider in Australia
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Expand your business to the global market and communicate with your international partners and clients in their own language.
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Our Services


With more than 190 languages on board and 800 professional translators globally, we can translate any document, website, software and project from and to any language.


We can provide you with an interpreter on site or if you prefer via video call. Consecutive, Simultaneous, On-site, Telephone and remote, Video call interpreter.


Transcription, Subtitling, Narration / Voice-over / Dubbing, Audio / Video post production, Script translation, Graphics adaptation.

Proof Reading

With more than 190 languages on board and 800 professional translators globally, we can translate any document, website, software and project from and to any language.


Software / Website localization/ Mobile apps / Game localization/ eLearning and training materials/ Marketing materials localization/ Social media localization.

Multicultural Maarketing &
DTP Design

Take your brand to a whole new level – Whether your focus is on the worldwide market or a target ethnic group, our team will partner with you to maximise the effectiveness of your international marketing campaign.

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Linguistic Solutions for Everyone

NAATI Australian Translation Services
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Our Australian Translation Company's Success in Numbers

We are an Australian translation agency that aims to make our client’s experience easier and much more pleasant. Make sure of our competence, as well as friendliness towards our customers.

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Trusted by Leading Local and Global Brands

How We Do
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Why Choose Interlingual, A Professional Translation Agency in Australia


To us, it’s not just work – we take pride in the solutions we deliver. We encourage each other to achieve excellence in all endeavours and aren’t satisfied until projects meet our own personal high standards.


Delivering quality service since 2010, our Australian translation company has successfully completed over 5000 projects. We’ve done diverse translations: local and e-commerce websites, manuals, books, etc. Our team has participated in more than 500 interpreting sessions globally, supported many Australian businesses accessing the global market by translating their marketing materials, and assisted more than 1000 individuals with NAATI-accredited translation.


We are not a flash-in-the-pan translation agency in Australia. We have seen other companies come and go, and we plan to still be here years from now. We survived and thrived during the dot-com crash when our competitors buckled and folded under that pressure. Our history speaks for itself.


Quality is a word we all use often. But at this Australian translation company, we do mean it. Interlingual assigns each project, large or small, to a personal account manager who will be with you until the project is completed and even longer. Your account manager will guide, support you and advise after the project has been finalised. We will ensure that quality and satisfaction are fully achieved.

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What our customers say on Google

Laura Celis Aparicio
Laura Celis Aparicio
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Interlingual always delivers excellent customer service in a timeliness manner
Tu Dao
Tu Dao
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I had a chance to work with them on several projects, very professional!
Helbert Valencia
Helbert Valencia
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Traducción de calidad rápida y segura, 100% recomendado
 Jasmin Frech
Jasmin Frech
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Respond quickly. Any doubt, they solved it. I really recommend this company to translate any document

Interlingual Provides Australian Translation Services

If you need Australian translation services, there is no better option than Interlingual. Our experienced translators work diligently on every project so you have the peace of mind of knowing that you have an accurate and complete document that you can use or distribute to clients.

Why Trust a NAATI Certified Translator

One of the questions that we routinely receive from interested clients is why they should trust our NAATI translator with their needs. A couple of reasons why we believe that our translators are second to none including:

  • A rigorous training process: To become a NAATI certified translation provider, a person will need to go through extensive training. NAATI requires that students complete no fewer than six steps to earn their certification. Some of these steps include English proficiency, ethical competency, and intercultural competency.
  • Comprehensive testing: Before a person achieves the honour of becoming a NAATI translator, they also need to submit an application including their personal information and sit for an in-person certification test. The requirement of an in-person test eliminates the possibility of cheating and confirms the translator’s impeccable character and skills.
  • Recertification requirements: It’s not enough for a NAATI translator to take their exam once. Should our translators wish to maintain their certification, they need to show that they continue to hone their skills through work practice and improve their knowledge through professional development. All translators must submit this information to NAATI every three years, so when you hire a NAATI translator through us, you know that you’re working with a person who must work tirelessly to keep their credentials up to date.

Tips for Getting More Value out of a Translator in Australia

We’re continuously looking for ways to help you make the most out of your interaction with our team of translators. Here are some suggestions that we recommend:

meet up
  • Communication is key: Consistent and clear communication is a vital component of any professional relationship. We always want to exceed your expectations, so it’s critical for you to let us know the pertinent details about your project. For example, providing us with information regarding the specifics of your translations’ needs from the time that you reach out to us will help us provide you with a more detailed explanation of our process and what you can expect from us.
  • Think about long-term requirements: Is there a possibility that you may need your project translated to more than one language? Before you finalise your request for one of our NAATI accredited translators to work on your project, consider if it’s probable that you may need this document in more than one language. Requesting these translations now could save you time in the future.
  • Avoid waiting until the last minute: While it’s true that NAATI translator can provide a fast turnaround time for any translation, you may want to avoid waiting until the last minute to contact us regarding our services.  Give yourself more time to organise the distribution of this information in the way that works best for you. For example, suppose the translation is something that you need to mail out or hand to participants at an event. In that case, you will need time for the documents to reach their destination, which is why we strongly recommend that you reach out to us as soon as possible with your translation needs.

Advantages of Hiring a NAATI Translation Service

Over the years, countless clients have found that their lives are made simpler by taking advantage of our top-of-the-line translation services. Some benefits associated with hiring us as your translators include:

  • Efficiency: The field of translation is black and white. Either your translation is 100 percent accurate, or it’s wrong. When you work with our team, you benefit from knowing that you’re collaborating with skilled professionals who understand the importance of providing you with a perfect document. Not only do we work fast but with an efficiency that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.
  • Makes the most out of your time: Some business owners make the mistake of attempting to translate a document by themselves or assigning the task to one of their employees. Instead of your team focusing on a project that will take time away from other aspects of your business, you can redirect their attention to more essential parts of their job and allow our translators to take over.
  • International reach: Utilising our translators allows you to expand your business to other sections of the world and explore new opportunities. You may come to find that you’re able to market to other regions or countries that you may not have been able to previously. Investing the time to evaluate your business plan and consider viable marketing options is an excellent way to plan your translation strategy.
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What You Can Expect from Our Translation Agency

When you utilise our NAATI translation services, you can expect nothing less than a friendly and professional experience at every interaction. Other reasons why our company has grown to become a trusted name for interpreting services in Australia include:

  • A large team of translators: Did you know that we currently employ over 800 translators worldwide? Our team of translators speaks more than 190 languages, giving you a broad range of options in translation options. From French to Filipino or from Hindi to Hebrew, you can count on our translators to provide you with an accurate result every time.
  • Free quote: We understand that nearly every business owner must operate around a tight budget. If you have concerns regarding the cost of your translation needs, we encourage you to request a free quote. A team member will get back to you within one hour from the time that you submit your request. If you have more questions after receiving your quote, just let us know, and we’ll be in touch with you promptly.
  • Electronic or physical copies: We know that you may need to distribute your translated document in multiple forms, which is why you will always receive at least two copies of your project in two different formats. Our team sends you an electronic copy of the document directly to your e-mail and mail you a physical copy. If you need a copy on a CD or a USB drive, just let us know, and we can accommodate your request.

Related Services We Provide in Connection to Official Document Translation

Although we’re known for our quality Australian translation service, we also provide our clients with an array of other services, including:

  • Transcriptions: Do you belong to the legal, corporate, or medical community? If so, it’s not uncommon for you to record a specific interaction or even notes which you may need in an electronic format. Whether you need transcription of a speech or a meeting, our transcriptionists can provide you with an accurate document from a recording.
  • Proofreading services: While you may feel confident in your writing and editing abilities, it’s always best to have a second set of eyes review critical essays, research papers or articles. Regardless of the length of your piece or whether you need it for personal or professional reasons, your team of proofreaders will review it with a keen eye for any mistakes.
  • Interpretation services: If you have a meeting in which the participants speak different languages, it’s vital to have an interpreter in place that can help to facilitate the ongoing flow of the conversation. Whether you need us to assist with a single meeting or regularly, our interpreters will be there for you.

About Interlingual

When you work with the Interlingual team, you have the confidence of knowing that you will receive an excellent and timely translated document every time. Do you have more questions about our translator or our process? Contact us today for more information about migration translators.

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