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Interpreting services we offer

Consecutive Interpreting Services

Take the stress out of any business meetings, conferences and other similar functions with our consecutive interpreting services. The most popular type of interpreting service available, the role of an interpreter will be to eloquently translate for any speaker, as soon as the speaker has finished talking.

Liaison Interpreting

On-the-go or translating at intervals is another service our interpreters can provide, also known as a liaison interpreting. Our interpreters will continuously translate between the speech intervals, providing up to date translation throughout the event.

Simultaneous Translation

There may be occasions where you need immediate translation services, which is where simultaneous translation comes in handy. Hiring two professionals for interpreting and translating speakers within seconds can keep a meeting flowing.

Not Sure What You Need?

Unsure of the kind of translation and interpreting services you need? Then contact us so we can help you arrange an interpreter in Adelaide. With no obligation, free quote on all our services, we can guide you in finding exactly what you need for your situation.

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