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Interpreting services we offer

Consecutive Interpreting Services

When you are thinking of what an interpreter does, the most common service people think of is Consecutive Interpreting services. Our Interlingual interpreters will be on standby for any speaker and once they have finished talking, they will translate to the audience.

Liaison Interpreting

Liaison Interpreting is another type of interpreting service and is for those who need an on-the-go translation at regular intervals during conferences, meetings, events, etc.

Simultaneous Translation

When you need somebody translating conversations on the go, our Simultaneous Translation services are the best option. Two professions interpreting and translating on-the-go will make sure nothing is missed between your two speakers.

Not Sure What You Need?

If this is the first time hiring an interpreting service or you are just a little unsure on the type of services you may need, then reach out so we can help guide you to get the best interpreter in Melbourne for your situation. All our quotes are free of charge and we can help you find the right services for your needs.

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