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Translation Costs & Payment Methods

We specialize in Translating Documents, Providing the best service at the best price in the shortest time.
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5 Working Days
  • Turnaround Of 5 Working Days
  • Minimum Change Of 100 Words
  • No Additional Surcharge


3 Working Days
  • Recieve Both Copies Within 72 Hours
  • Pre-Assessment Of Quantity Required
  • Additional 30% Surcharge


24 Hours
  • Recieve Electronic Copy in 24 Hours
  • Pre-Assessment Of Quantity Required
  • Additional 50% Surcharge


  • 48 Hours Booking Required
  • Minimum Of 3 Hours
  • No Extra Cost (Transport etc)


Payment System

There are 3 ways to pay a translation service:

N.B: Before making any payment, wait for the invoice to be issued and refer to the invoice number.


Credit Card Payments

What to pay with credit card


Delivery System

Once the documents have been carefully translated and reviewed by our team of translators, Interlingual will send you two copies of the project:
A) An electronic copy to your email.
B) A hard copy to your postal address.
N.B: We can also send a copy on CD if required

Interlingual has on its team the best NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) trained translators guaranteeing each customer a quality translation on time.


Credit Card Payments

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