The importance of the translation industry in the pandemic

The global pandemic has tested communication services in all forms and many ways across many industries. The translation industry is no exception. Across different fields, the use of translation services has been paramount. The world has been united in a way to tackle this common issue. There have been challenges for translators across all fields that they have had to face but it has meant that the need for cross-cultural communication has been paramount.

The medical sector is one area that has felt the brunt of the pandemic. Communication has not just been vital in how to combat and understand the virus, but also on how to contain it. With countries working together to share medical data, research and information- those in the medical industry have had to work with other countries to share information. With the isolation, the seriousness of the treatment and quarantine protocols, medical staff have had to ensure that patients understand the treatments they are receiving and that they are most likely isolated from others.

Beyond the hospital, information to the wider community has been a crucial way in how governments are handling the virus. The need for cross-cultural and adequate translation to keep citizens informed of government regulations, protocols such as handwashing and just understanding what is happening has given translators a lot of work. From handouts to mobile phone apps, the work never stops. One of the biggest challenges though translators have faced is the amount of new language that has come out of the pandemic. ‘Social distancing’ is one example and just like all terminology, translators have had to find a way to find the best way to explain these terms across all languages.

Interpreting data, getting out the message and helping bridge those barriers of language. Translation services have been a vital part of tackling the pandemic- from the labs, to the front lines to every single person sitting at home.

Importance Of The Translation Industry In The Pandemic

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